House of Flying Daggers

Yesterday I started a pattern cutting course with the idea of being able to design my own clothes... it's a natural progression from having sewn for years and years and never being able to find quite the right dress pattern. Anyway... we are starting on a skirt and I had an idea in mind and then Julia suggested a refinement to my idea and by the time I got home I had a whole collection of summer outfits crammed into my brain.

I thought I would pretend to be a proper clothes designer and do an inspiration board with swatches of fabric and design details and... well my inspiration... which led me to my most favourite romantic film of all time: House of Flying Daggers.

This film delivers on so many levels. The photography is stunning, the story so romantic, the hero (Takeshi Kaneshiro) very handsome...

and the leading lady (Ziyi Zhang) absolutely gorgeous,

the fighting scenes are like ballet and the colours almost unreal and the clothes.... to die for. Not practical of course but we are talking inspiration here (although I would wear stuff like this if I could get away with it... and if I could afford it, I am sure they are all silk). At any rate the first time I watched this film the beauty of it brought tears to my eyes. Here are some of my favourite images:



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