Grow Your Own Drugs!

It's a catchy title isn't it? It's the name of a new programme going out on BBC2 on Monday evenings. I was very much looking forward to seeing it and deliberately organised my schedule last night so that I could watch. I had never heard of James Wong the presenter but it said he is a scientist and I expected to learn a little more about using plants and herbs from my garden.

I was a little disappointed because he didnt cover anything that I didnt already know - how to make syrup of figs for constipation or a hop and lavender pillow for insomnia. But then he started on the fruit face mask... well this is my terrritory now. I have been making face masks and beauty preparations from the fruit and vegetables in my kitchen since I was 13... plus, most of the ideas are not new but come from Victorian advice and remedies which may well have been passed down through families and by word of mouth for many hundreds of years before that.

I wrote an entire book (huge tome) about natural beauty treatments over five years ago and spent a lot of time trying to get it published only to be told the same thing every time "if you were a doctor or a scientist or someone famous then we might want to publish it". I gave up exhausted by the whole thing and just put some of it onto scribd. (See my articles below right).

As I watched this young man blithly mixing papaya and kiwi fruit and asking these young girls to put it on their faces without any concern over what type of skin they had... well I just got angry. I got so angry I couldnt sleep and I had a rotten night and today I feel yuk! I know its jealousy!!!!!!! I could have been on telly doing a whole series on how to look after your skin but I'm not a doctor or a scientist or a Footballers Wife!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I expect the universe to pay me back for my anger now!! How very annoying!


  1. I did enjoy the programme but I thought it was a bit gimmicky, and, as you say, nothing terribly new. I thought the title was dreadful though ;-)

  2. You are right Dottycookie... it is a terrible title... I just wish he would leave the skincare alone... unless he is going to do it properly... I mean he didnt even ask them what type of skin they had... and the kiwi fruit would not suit someone with very dry skin... hey ho! :-)


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