Cherry Blossom

This morning the ornamental cherry in the garden is in full blossom. The sun is shining and the birds are singing and although it is a little cold I can feel the promise of a wonderful spring. And I am really happy and proud. Happy of course because life is so good and proud because Christina Billy has been very clever.

Christina Billy is at university in Oxford (Brookes) so she lives at home. She is studying Japanese and Film Studies and she is in her 2nd year. As part of her degree she has to spend a year at a Japanese university starting this August.

We have been scrimping and saving for her year long stay in Japan because the cost of living there is very expensive and if she is to take advantage of being in such a different culture then she must 'do' as much as she possibly can during her stay.

We have her fare to pay and all her rent and expenses while she is out there and of course she wont be able to work part time as she does here to supplement her income. It was a bit of a worry I can tell you. Well..... Imagine the joy in the Billy household when ChristinaBilly announced that she had just received an email to say that she has won a scholarship that will pay all her rent and living expenses for the year!!!! Whoo Hooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She will be going to Kansai Gaidai university which is between Kyoto, Osaka and Nara....

They only award one scholarship per university so we are very very proud!! She works very hard and we think she deserves a BIG WELL DONE! (Now we have to save very hard so that we can go out to visit her during next year's cherry blossom time...)


  1. well done ChristinaBilly, we are all very proud of you here in this billy household, even the cats send a purr!! xxx

  2. WOW! Even I feel proud of her and I don't even know her. That is SO AWESOME! Tell her that even your friend in Indiana USA is proud of her.

    :-) S. Marie
    GO GIRL!

  3. thank you so much for the kind comments, all duly passed on. As I type this... she is busy doing her Japanese homework... now she has a lot to live up to!! x

  4. That is fantastic! Well done Christinabillie! Gosh, what an experience - I'm really pleased for you all. Hope you do manage to go out there to visit.

    The picture of the ornamental cherry is gorgeous. x

  5. fantastic!! what a life experience for her.

    thanks for your continuing support over the past weeks.. I have been lacksa daisy in visiting but hope to be back on track soon.


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