Blimey it must be Spring

Nest-building continues in Technobilly land with the workshop well and truly tidied - Remember this...

Well now it looks like this....

Not much difference eh? Well actually there is a HUGE difference... the piles of fabric are now NEAT piles of fabric... separated into small odds and ends, larger odds and ends and whole pieces big enough to make clothes from. You can see the couch...

And the sewing machine....

I worked so hard and because the sun was still shining I decided to put my summer sandals on and sit in the garden to let my legs get a look at the sun. Trouble is... my ankles looked a little bit like a hobbits, but I could fix that... a quick shower and out with the razor... at this point BillySteve popped his head around the bathroom door and said "Blimey, it must be Spring!!" (he thinks he's a bit of a comedian sometimes!)


  1. WOW! You've done so good with that room! It looks awesome and like a wonderful place to get the creativity going. CONGRATULATIONS!

    The spring bug has hit me too. I find myself yelling, "Off with your head!" to a lot of my stuff. And, once I can see the area I am cleaning like a mad woman.

  2. you were telling the truth, there is a sofa in there he he. I have the hobbit legs too at the moment, but i don't intend showing them off anytime soon. well done, look forward to asking you to make things for me :)

  3. Ah...I see you have a rug - not on your legs, on the floor I mean...and the iron has shifted. It's like one of those "spot the difference" quizzes you get.My husband is a cyclist and part of the "lycra culture" is that they shave their legs, to prevent asphalt burn if they fall off at great speeds. His legs are smoother than mine. I hate it.

  4. I did suggest that BillySteve shave his legs too... after all... why should I if he wont? He gave me a look that suggested I was quite mad... he cycles too... but not seriously enough... anyway he said the idea is to stay on the bike. And that as they say... is that...


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