Aunt Nesta's Treasure

At the end of last year my Aunt Nesta died leaving no immediate family and a house full of a lifetime's treasure (or dross... ). Her distant cousin came to sort out the house and I offered to help. It was a very long process because Aunt Nesta never threw anything away... altogether it took about three months to complete the process and was a valuable lesson in not accumulating useless things.
Of course one man's treasure is another man's junk and I have to own up to not being impressed by anything that turns out to be valuable... but fascinated by the junk... especially if it is very old. These in particular caught my eye and have found a place in my dresser drawer along with the napkins and napkin rings... but what are they?

At first I thought they were hat pins but they were kept in her sideboard along with glasses and jugs and general table linen. And on closer inspection they are not hat pins.
There are six in total and each has a polished stone wrapped around with some kind of metal wire (could be brass) and a twisted wire stem with a very sharp pointy end. They are about 5 inches long from tip to stone. Aunt Nesta was interested in geology and had a number of geodes and polished stones on display in her house so I imagine this was the reason for buying these particular... whatever they are.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to what purpose they were intended for or what can I use them for now?


  1. Would they have been used as decorations within a flower display on a dining table maybe? They are very pretty.

  2. oooh that's a good idea. Someone said they would look pretty in a little vase just by themselves... but in a flower display would be very nice. Thank you for that one.

  3. They are beautiful, whatever their original mysterious use was.

  4. They are very pretty! The first thing I thought of from just the pictures are they could be hair sticks. Used to hold a bun in place.

    Have you tried taking a polishing cloth to them? It could just be the lighting in the photos but I have had silver yellow like those photos.

  5. You are not the first person to suggest that they could be silver, and I havent cleaned them up... but its on the list of to-do's. I like the idea of hair sticks... the pointy end is very very sharp though so not sure if it would be dangerous!

  6. I have never had a drink called a Martini.
    However, I think they often have an olive in them.
    These would be a marvelous way to remove the olive.

  7. mmmm... now that's an idea... not that I would waste olives by putting them into my drink... but apparently you can get rid of champagne bubbles by using a swizzle stick in your glass... I suppose they could do that...not that I will be having champagne any day soon either lol!

  8. why on earth would anyone want to get rid of champagne bubbles ??? Living in Spain we get lots of Cava, which is made using the same process as to produce champagne however, maybe it is my northern taste buds I don't know, Cava even the Brut version is not as dry as Champagne. It must be something to do with the amount of sunshine on the spanish grapes but if you enjoy Dry Champagne it is difficult finding an equivalent Cava let alone worrying about the bubbles.

  9. Now I personally wouldnt get rid of champagne bubbles but they do get up your nose... well I suppose it depends upon how you drink it! I love Cava... my eldest daughter lives in Spain too... :-)


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