Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Any Ideas Welcome!

When my father was a child in the 1920's, he lived in Glasgow. They lived in a tenement flat - basically a kitchen and two other rooms and there were 7 of them, all the same by the standards of the day they considered themselves comfortable. A childhood friend of my father's was not so fortunate. For whatever reason he and his mother were alone in the world and when my father went to visit their home he was given a drink of tea in a jam jar.

By today's standards that would be extreme poverty, however, a jam jar I am sure would serve perfectly well as a mug. The other extreme is my kitchen cupboard.

There used to be seven of us here but now we are down to four. And I havent bought a mug in a very long time. All the same, I have sooooooooo many mugs. I decided that I would make space in the cupboard by getting rid of the old and chipped ones. Some are so old the pattern is fading away...

The trouble is, they were nearly all gifts, and I have been using some of them for so long that when I put them into the bin.. I barely got out of the kitchen before rushing back to fish them out. Then I thought, there MUST be a use for these mugs (other than for drinking from that is). But I cant think of one. Help!! Surely someone will have an idea for a suitably eco friendly disposal of these treasures?


  1. I love your mugs and laughed when you rushed right back in to get them out of harm's way.
    I have done that so many times . . . drives my son to distraction.

  2. Some folks have been having trouble posting a comment to your page here.

    Please visit Sandy Marie at Mother Earth Herbal & The Herbal How To Guide or WitchMom if you have not already.


  3. Hi Bill... have updated my comments settings... so hopefully it will now work ok for everyone.

  4. Yippee! It works!

    At one time I made an indoor kitchen herb garden and used old mugs for my planters. My Grandmother hung old mugs on the wall in her sewing room and sorted buttons and findings in them. Daddy used his old 'Daddy' mug for his shaving soap. I secured (make sure they are very secure) a few old mugs to the outside of my porch and used them for bird seed and water. We had a group of old mugs that were our Easter Egg coloring mugs and they came out every Easter. My brother broke a few old mugs and made a hot plate trivet out of them.

  5. My goodness me... So many good ideas! I like the bird seed and water idea... but I would need to put it away from the cats! Sorting buttons in them is a good one too... my buttons are all jumbled up in the one box. Thank you so much Sandy Marie. x

  6. I used to collect mugs, bought them from holiday places, all brand new and never used, had 76 in total. A few months ago I sold some on my charity stall, and gave some to a charity shop. I still have a few favourites left. Someone I know uses them as bird feeders, but hangs them by the handle in a tree, or somewhere where the cats can't reach them.


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