Saturday, 14 February 2009

Valentines Cake

Today I went on a cake decorating course run in the village by a company called Scattercakes. To learn how to make sugarpaste roses. I hastily baked a fruit cake last night leaving no time to re-do it if it didnt turn out... and of course something did go wrong... the top of it burned slightly so I had to take a slice off it. I thought 'oh well, its going to be covered in icing anyway'. But I didnt expect very much as I have dabbled with icing when the children were young and I wasnt very good at it. I told Billy Steve that he would be getting a cake for Valentines day (and then felt that it wasnt going to be good enough because he bought me a beautiful silver rope to hang my dragon on).
Anyway, the teacher was great and the other girls on the course very friendly and we went carefully through each stage... step by step until................... ta da...................

and how great the whole day was. This is a beginners cake... I mean I did this with no experience whatsoever... I cant thank Annie and Paddi enough. I would love to go on a more advanced course now, especially since I have agreed to make a 70th birthday cake for my mother in law in September this year.
What was even nicer was that when I got home expecting to find Billy Steve in front of the rugby, he was in the kitchen wearing an apron up to his arms in chocolate... 'I'm making a special dinner' he said. Happy Valentines day to everyone!


  1. Thanks Julia... I still have trouble believing I made it all myself!

  2. Wow! I'd never believe that was your first attempt - it's wonderful! x

  3. That cake looks lovely, I haven't the patience. Too good to cut up. Ilona

  4. Thank you for your kind comment Ilona... we still havent cut it... at somne point we will have to eat it.. I guess!


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