Sunday, 1 February 2009

Real Farmer's Now!

This is what our Farmyard side looks like after the hens ate ALL the grass and the usual winter-long rains have compacted our clay-heavy soil into a thick sticky mud. We have now confined the hens to the bottom part of the garden and are preparing to make the vegetable beds. I have loosely marked out where they will go with bits of old wood and Billy Steve is busy fashioning some kind of edging.
Can you see the tyres in the foreground? You cant have a farm without old tyres can you? Once the beds are edged we will gravel the surround and the tyres will be filled with compost and planted with herbs. I got some of the tyres on 'freecycle' and one of them I found in the lane when I was walking the dog. You've never seen anyone get so excited about an old tyre! As I was struggling home with it (it was about a mile walk and a car tyre is really heavy) I met a man from the village who asked me if I had been swimming! Its about 4 degrees today!

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