Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Old Socks!

In our house, with two big boys (BillySteve and PhillyBilly), as well as the remains of the boy who left home (BillyJon), we always have a fair sized collection of old socks or single socks... you know the one that escaped the washing machine and then doesnt turn up for several months, by which time its partner has gone looking for it, never to be seen again.

I am constantly looking for clever ways to use them... apart from on your feet that is. The best idea was given to me by a friend... its a sock monster.

Its purpose in life is to amuse the dog... and it does! You make it very simply by tie-ing the socks together, first you lay one down then put another on top diagonally and then a third and then you start tying them in knots until you have a rough ball shape. BillyFergus tends to undo a lot of the knots but it keeps him amused for some time. And of course if you dont wash them... even better from a dog's point of view!

But then I saw this in a shop........

What a brilliant idea!

Of course I dont have any baby socks lying around but if I did......... I'm sure it's a do-able project. It's fully lined, the lining isnt sock shaped, just a tube sort of shape. They also sell them as little pouches with a draw-string top but I liked the snap closure on this... my mind is racing... what about a little zip in the top?
Oh so many projects... not enough hours in the day!


  1. you could even make an iPod sock!

  2. My Mum used to put a potato in a sock as a dog toy...little wonder that I turned out like I have :-)

  3. I actually put some change into the sock purse and took it out with me to the shops. It was USELESS!!!! The opening is so small I couldn't get my fingers in to get the money out, so every time I needed money I had to tip the whole lot out on the counter! Supreme example of form over function!! grrrrrrrrrr.


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