Sunday, 1 February 2009

No Cooking Skills Required Onion Relish

Ingredients: Red Onion (as much or as little as you like), Brown Sugar, Balsamic Vinegar, container such as a Mason Jar or Kilner Jar or even a Plastic sealable box (except that the vinegar does taint the plastic and you never get rid of the smell... but if you only use this box for onion relish that would be ok).

Method: Chop up your onion... rings look nice but I forgot and chopped it in half so I have pieces.

Sprinkle on some brown sugar... about the same amount as you would put on your cornflakes (if you are as old as me you will know that cornflakes MUST have sugar).
Pour on enough Balsamic vinegar to just cover the onions.

Pop the container in the fridge and give it a shake every now and again. The relish is ready to use in 2 weeks and believe me its great on Beefburgers or even thrown over a salad. YUM

This is my favourite chopping board. It was made for me by a man called Tom Bainbridge. He makes wooden things from salvaged wood. He sells them at Deddington Farmers' Market
The wood for my chopping board came from a tree on the Blenheim estate and it was over a thousand years old. So my chopping board was a tiny little tree sprout when AEthelred was King of England and a young sapling when Edward the Conquerer whupped us at Hastings! Unfortunately the tree was so old it was in danger of falling and injuring people who pass by so they cut it down.

This is my favourite wooden spoon. It was made by hand (I am sorry that I do not know the name of the guy who made it... I saw him at a farmers market somewhere and I havent seen him since). It is a really useful wooden spoon because it has a big bowl and not only can you stir your curry (what I mostly use it for) but you can dish it up with it too!

My newest wooden spoon isnt wooden at all... its silicon and its bright pink! Its clean and fun and it doesn't take on the flavours of what you are cooking like the wooden one does... but I will probably leave the wooden spoon to someone in my will... the other one they can all fight over!


  1. I bagsy the wooden spoon and chopping board!!! :)

  2. I made it and it tastes fantastic, Goes really nice with cheese. Yummy. Bring on the BBQ season so i can have them in a burger!


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