Mugs cause Uproar in Technobillies Household!!

Armed with all the wonderful new ideas for uses for our old mugs, I decided to sort through and pick out the lucky ones chosen for their new life in the garden and the sewing workshop. I told the children to choose two of their favourite mugs each and that the rest would be disposed of elsewhere.

The look of horror that passed over their faces was indescribable. Quick as a flash I added that they were welcome to find uses for the other mugs in their bedrooms if they wished to keep them. Unfortunately this didn't help. With tears pricking at their eyes they looked gloomily at the mugs.

"This isn't fair" said PhillyBilly, "they are not just mugs, they are.... they are.... my friends!"

I know when I am defeated. The mugs went back into the cupboard and my stand-by soup bowls, mauve and yellow giant cups, which admittedly havent been used for a long time, have been sent to the garden and the workshop instead. Since the object of the exercise was to free some space in the cupboard... I think I can say it was a success. Sort of.

These are PhillyBilly's friends:

And these are ChristinaBilly's friends:


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