Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Moving on

Why is telling my boss I am leaving so hard? I have had loads of jobs, I always give plenty of notice... I try not to leave people in the lurch, but even so... I always feel like I am letting them down when I tell them I am leaving.

I am preparing myself... in an hour I will go to work and tell my boss that at the end of March I wont be coming in any more. I have a right to do this, I have a good reason for doing it... but I still feel bad about it.

I should be jumping for joy... I am going to be teaching soap and I will still have time left over to do all those jobs in the garden that come with spring and time to get on with scarecrow making and sewing projects that have languished in the workshop all over winter... its a good thing... isnt it?

This is the workshop at The Naked Soap Company where I am going to be teaching soap courses. I wont be teaching with a glass of wine in my hand though! Well not all the time!


  1. Jane! Behave yourself. You owe that woman NOTHING and it's your life. So I hope you didn't cause yourself too much distress today, and CONGRATULATIONS!!! This new(ish) direction will be much better for you. Fancy a coffee sometime? I'm free on Friday? x

  2. I bet it's because you have a caring heart. Now say thankyou for that heart - and enjoy your wonderful new direction. :-)

  3. Thank you for the messages of support... I really must learn to be more assertive... trouble is... if I try to be assertive I tend to go over the top and scare everyone!

  4. It's scary because you never know how people will react! Your new direction sounds perfect :-)



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