Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Jose the Weather Man

This is Jose our Weather Man. He is called Jose because we bought him when on holiday in Spain. At the moment he looks like he is having a fit... he has sprouted an extra arm (obviously because he needs his umbrella up and down at the same time!). He normally tells us the weather outside in the garden by virtue of a little sensor that we have placed on the side of the Workshop. He isnt telling us that it is 0 degrees outside because I think the sensor isnt working. But I can tell its 0 degrees outside because the snow has not gone away like it usually does.
In the summer time Jose strips off to his bikini bottoms (if its very hot) and his sunglasses. But we rarely see him like that. Ah... apparently the sensor needs a new battery. Billy Steve said that perhaps he could get Jose to work off a solar or wind powered generator. He is going to make a wind powered generator to work some garden lights later this year (solar power would be a bit hit and miss here, even though our garden faces south) perhaps we can hook Jose up too. I cant wait for Jose to be in his T shirt and long trousers - that's the sign for comfortable working-outside weather, when he's in his T shirt and shorts, that's the sign for relaxing outside with a cup of tea and a fruit scone!

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