Friday, 6 February 2009

Henna Day

Since Mother Nature continues to wrap my world in her fluffy white blanket and i am not working today I looked in the mirror this morning and just knew it had to be a henna day. Look at this!

This is my grey roots starting to show. So... I went to the freezer for the packet of natural henna. I keep it in the freezer because like any natural product henna will go off, actually it deteriorates rather than goes off and the results are not so good if not used within a set time... I always buy it by the kg which is cheaper and then freeze it.

I measure out the quantity I need into a bowl and then add something acidic... usually its lemon juice (or red wine sometimes) but today I didnt have any lemons so I used an orange. Then I add some warm, previously boiled water to make a thick paste. Then I leave it for half an hour or so.

Then starts the fun bit. I never clean the bathroom until after I have done my hair... henna is very messy and you need to be really careful and clean up every tiny bit you drop as soon as you see it fall... otherwise you end up with an orange floor, orange walls, orange tiles, orange dog!

I damp my hair and then part it and smear the henna paste onto the grey roots. Its much easier if you have someone to help you but I am usually on my own so there is nothing for it but to do it by feel - sometimes I do miss bits at the back but mostly it turns out ok.

Once I have done all the roots then I plaster the whole of my head in henna paste making sure I get all the hair. then I cover my head in cling film (not the face...just the head) and then wrap a warm towel around my head.

And that is as far as I have got at the moment. It will stay like this for a minimum of four hours but sometimes I leave it for as much as eight hours (after this the henna seems to lose its strength a bit). I will come back on and post the results later in the day and also a link to an article I wrote about hair care and natural hair dyes for anyone who is interested.. (if I can work out how to do it).


  1. I sometimes joke that my daughter is such a strong redhead because the henna I've used over the years entered my blood stream, then lodged in my uterus! When I got pregnant with her, a lot of my red just disappeared ... it's slowly coming back though, although I've got rather a lot of 'blonde' hairs coming now. Some might call them grey, but to me they are ash blonde ;-) x

  2. Alas my red hair disappeared when I was quite young... too much experimenting with chemical dyes! Everyone thinks my hair colour is natural... but thats the joy of henna! :-)

  3. Hi Billie Jane! thanks for visiting my blog.. I see I am a technobillie too.

    I have always wanted to henna my hair, but red is not for me. Look forward to reading the link about natural hair dyes.


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