Saturday, 7 February 2009

Celtic Knot Necklace

Today I received my regular email from Search Press Ltd (they do craft books) and I had a quick look at their website and noticed for the first time that they offer free stuff. This time its a pattern for making Guinevere's Knot Neclace I downloaded the pdf and filed it away thinking 'I have a really nice pendant that doesnt have a chain... that would look nice, I must do that some day'. And promptly forgot about it... for all of five minutes when Billy Steve came back from his trek around the village in search of milk. All the shops in the village were completely out of milk! We decided that it was time to get the car out and venture further afield... and if we were going to do that then I might as well go to the sewing shop while I'm at it and get some cord to make my celtic necklace.

Several hours later... this is what I have got.

I have never made anything like this before but it was surprisingly easy until it got to the bit about making the knotted cord smaller... that took me about two hours and I think my cord is too thick... a narrower silky cord is needed but it will have to wait. I am not braving the snowy roads again!
The pendant is a Troll Bead called 'naughty dragon' in silver. The detail on it is brilliant and I would like some more beads on the same necklace but they are very expensive... you never know, though, Valentines day is not far off.
I also had a quick go at doing the button knots that are mentioned in the downloadable directions... that was very frustrating... I quickly decided that perhaps knotting is not for me.


  1. I get the Search Press emails too - love their books! x

  2. Hi Billie Jane. I am delighted to find you via Robyn's Tales of Inglewood.I will definitely visit again!I love your little dog!My little pets aren't half as cute. (I have two Siamese Fighting fishbillies.)Great necklace!

  3. Hi Pam... thank you for stopping by. Not all my pets are that cute... unless you are a chicken fancier! :-) x


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