Tuesday, 17 February 2009


Since I am leaving the cookshop and cafe at the end of March, I determined to get as many kitchen things as my staff discount will allow before I go. There arent really very many things in the kitchen line that I need but I have been looking with an eye to the future and will probably buy a preserving pan for making lots of jam from the fruit I hope to grow.

The coolest gadget I bought so far is actually of a Victorian design (that hasnt changed one bit since it was first invented). Its my apple peeler corer thingy.

Its so cool, you end up with apples that look like this

and this

I could play with it endlessly... and since I have an apple tree in the garden and one that overhangs my garden from a neighbour I should have loads of apples come autumn time.

Here I am, wishing the whole of the summer away when spring has only just sprung.... but that's me... so impatient!


  1. Oh man! I want one of those, lol. I'm thinking caramel baked apples now.

  2. That is very very cool... I was thinking apple fritters!


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