Thursday, 5 February 2009

After all its winter!

All day yesterday people kept coming into the shop and shivering away "ooh its cold" they moaned, of course I had to agree, it is very cold. But after all, it is WINTER. When I was a child it was cold all winter long... not just the odd two or three days we get nowadays. One of the worst winters I remember was in 1963 when I opened the back door to be met by a wall of snow that reached up to the eaves of the house. My father had to dig us out and we were most disappointed to see that the milkman had not called!

Did we go to school? Well actually on that occasion we did not, but on a usual winter with a couple of feet of snow we would trudge along in our wellies (shoes safely in our satchels) for a good two miles to school. What softies everyone seems to be these days! Before I sink totally into the stereotypical old granny routine ' ah in my day...etc' Here are some obligatory snow pictures from my garden. And brrr... isnt it cold!!


  1. Hello Jane ... I'm here after reading about your blog on Julia's page (Marmalade Kiss) but as soon as she wrote about you, I realised that we have met before. You were on an adjacent table to me at a craft sale! I remember your wonderful soaps. People were buying little bags that I made to put your soaps in, and I think you bought some yourself to put soaps in too!

    Nice to see you again. Take care :-)

  2. Hi Jane,

    I've come to you from Julia's blog too. Having just read through your previous posts I think I must be a technobilly too!
    Welcome to blogland :-)

    Lovely photo of your chickens eyeing up the snow. Our four chickies were not at all sure of it earlier in the week and wouldn't get off their perch!

    It's lovely to 'meet' you and I know I'm going to be back for more.

    Lesley xxx

  3. Hi Kitty and Lesley... Oooh how lovely to have people leave comments!!! I am so excited and yes I do remember Kitty... ooh long time ago... lots changed since then but still making soap (only just for family and friends). Will be posting the chocolate soap recipe but would strongly suggest those who dont know how to make cp soap read a good book about it before having a go for the first time. :-) xx


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