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It's the 21st Century and I love the modern world, but I also want people to slow down, to stop swearing, to be polite, to make more stuff themselves instead of buying it, to grow their own food, to learn how to cook, to care about the planet, to embrace cultural diversity and be tolerant of those differences.

It's a strange phenomena... this wanting to be part of the amazing advances in technology that make 21st century life so GOOD... but also wanting to preserve the simple things from the past that seem to have disappeared. Things like good home-cooked food, home made dresses, chemical free skincare, free range meat and vegetables and home-made music and good manners.

I have been a practicing Technobilly for some time now so my blog will have its fair share of information and experience to pass on to those just dipping their toes into Billydom... but I hope also that I will learn new stuff from old hands too!


  1. Jane this is FANTASTIC!!!!!! Well done. I shall put a link on my blog and hopefully direct some readers your way - though I don't have that many myself! Happy blogging!!! xxx

  2. Aw shucks Julia, thank you so much, you are too too kind... I have been reading and enjoying yours enormously!


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