Saturday, 31 January 2009

Fergus gets a short back and sides!

This is Billy Fergus our Bichon Frise after 2 and a half months of not going to the hairdresser:

If Bichon Frise fur gets matted and isnt brushed out properly before bathing it goes into 'dreads' and is impossible to untangle... the only thing for it is to chop it off...

While Fergus was having his pamper session we went to Faringdon and had breakfast in a little cafe called Sadlers. It's one of those very ancient buildings that dates back at least 300 years and had been a shop and someone's house in the past. All the floors were uneven and some of the doors were squint and the stairs were a little odd too. It had loads of atmosphere and the food was good. I took a couple of photographs but they don't really show how quaint it was.

You can just see where a door has been blocked off by a table but it looks like you can open the top half like a stable door in the summer. Perhaps that is why there are wasp catcher bottles in the window.

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