Garden to Table in 15 Minutes

I love it when the garden starts producing. There's something truly satisfying about eating what you have grown yourself. And it tastes so good you are forever spoiled. Even the most expensive supermarket veg cannot compare.

Simple food, simple lunch and we feel like we've eaten a banquet.

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The BEST way to use under ripe Kiwi!

It's very difficult to find a really good, ready to eat kiwi in the supermarket these days. At least that's my experience here in Spain. And so many times I've left an under ripe kiwi in the fruit bowl far too long and missed the optimum time for eating it.  Well, no more. This is what I do with all the hard kiwis from now on.
Kiwi fruit is very popular here in Spain and until recently very cheap too. Since the virus I think all prices are rising so that situation may not last. Anyway, this is my favourite recipe for using kiwis. I hope you enjoy. Oh yes, it also includes my usual complaint about American recipes not being metric 😂 I really should just accept that folks in the USA are simply delightfully quirky. 😳😂🤣
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I Need to Support my Melons

Plus an update on the chicks and a surprising side affect from the hydroponics that I hadn't expected.


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Killer Sunshine

The heat here in Spain is no joke. It can kill.  Last year we lost one of our hens to heat stroke and it happened again this week. The rest of the hens are fine, the two we lost were a heavier breed and haven't coped well with our soaring daytime temperatures.

The hens free range and can choose where they go, and there are some very shady spots and plenty water available but hens are not very bright...

On a happier note, there's more film of the chicks who are doing fine. Thank goodness, I don't think we could take any more drama!

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A Weed Free Garden

Does such a thing exist? Mmmmmmmm maybe, maybe not.

I live in Spain but I've been growing vegetables in just the same way as I did in the UK.  Will it work? Or will I have to change the way I do stuff? And Permaculture? Who else has trouble adapting those principles to their own situation?

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Life and Death on the Homestead

We love this time of year as we nearly always have a new batch of chickens arrive.. as chicks, hatched by their mum. It's not without worry though.

And so as not to leave you in suspense...

Only another chicken owner can tell you how typical our experience is. Chickens, while being very straight forward most of the time can be really difficult at others. But life finds a way.. thank goodness.

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Chicken Politics

It's exciting this time of year, the garden is lush, the veggies are starting to bear fruit and we have a broody hen!

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